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About Direct billing

We are offering as a courtesy full-featured direct billing. When your claim is submitted to your insurer at the time of your visit, we often are able to obtain confirmation if you will only need to pay for the portion of fees that your insurer does not cover. In some cases, your insurer covers the full cost of your appointment and you won't need to pay at all when you visit!

To see our current list of insurance companies, please click here.


Note: Unfortunately, some situations and plans will still require you to pay for the full cost of your treatment at the time of your visit. In these instances we usually are able to assist you by submitting your claim so you have less paperwork to do, and the reimbursement (if any) will be paid directly to you by your insurer. Typically the insurer will be able to confirm the amount that will be paid to you. Sometimes however, your insurer will still require you to submit the claim on your own (i.e. they will not allow us to do any kind of direct billing on your behalf), or they insist on paying the benefit to you instead of our clinic.

Whenever you need to submit any part of a claim on your own, we will provide you a receipt after you make payment (debit or credit card) so that you can arrange for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Also note that we are unable to process "coordination of benefits." i.e. if you are covered by more than one plan you will need to decide which plan you request for us to attempt submitting your claim through; you will need to submit on your own, claims for any remaining amounts not covered by the first claim to your additional insurer(s) for those plans. Some insurance plans are strict and require submitting your primary plan and won't provide a choice.

We are always happy to provide you with your insurer's response (e.g. an explanation of benefits report) that indicates the amounts paid and to whom, along with the insurer's reasons.

You may need to bring your doctor's referral for reference, if required by your plan, in order for your claim submission to be approved. Every benefit plan is unique. We encourage you to contact and confirm with your extended health care provider to ensure your eligibility and avoid disappointment prior to booking. Also, our receptionists need adequate time to receive and verify your insurance information (typically this includes your name as on your insurance card, date of birth, policy #, group #, etc...) and to avoid disappointment we ask you provide this information prior to arriving for your appointment. This is to be done electronically via a form sent to your Jane Account. We also ask you bring your insurance card with you and be ready to present it if needed by our receptionists. Finally, if your policy is via an insured member other than yourself (e.g. spouse, parent, partner, etc...) you will need to provide their full name as on the insurance card, their official relationship to you, and their date of birth. As submitting claims for your convenience is a courtesy service, we ask for your patience and that if unexpected problems arise with your claim submission that you kindly pay for your appointment.

Note: we cannot control declined claim submissions. (A third party makes these decisions at the time of your visit). If declined, you are still responsible for paying your appointment fees at the end of your treatment. Also, if your clinician is relatively new at our clinic, direct billing may not be available for your appointment yet until insurers / third parties are able to finalize the clinician's registration in their systems. It is your responsibility to contact us in advance to ask if this might be the case and you are expected to pay at the time of your appointment if your claim cannot be processed.

For Osteopathy and Dietetics, we are only able to submit claims under companies affiliated with Telus eClaims for in-person appointments.

Note: During COVID we are not able to accept cash.


Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

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