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3 Tips to increase your fluid intake

Hydration is Good Nutrition

By Lori Liggesmeyer RD MHSc

Part of good nutrition is making sure you keep up with your fluid needs. Whether you are sitting down at work or exercising, fluids are key to feeling your best! Forgetting about hydration is a very common barrier to reaching healthy eating goals that I see in my clients.

Where can you get your fluids?

Water is the best choice for replenishing your fluids. It has both the water and minerals you need for your daily activities. Milk, juices, and lightly steeped teas can also help replace your fluids, but these often add unwanted ingredients like sugar and caffeine. Fluids serve the purpose of hydrating your body, regulating your internal temperature and replacing your minerals. You lose water every time you breathe, move, and get rid of wastes via your urine and stools. So you need to replace that loss daily.

Mason Jar holding water with lemon (produced by Lori Liggesmeyer)

Fluid Tips

Tip 1: keep it on your radar

Have a water bottle with you at all times. If you are working at your desk, have it right next to you. When going out, take it with you. Always have a bottle ready for reach.

Tip 2: spice it up a little

Add some flavour! Maybe you are sick of just plain water. You can add foods like lemon, watermelon slices or even cucumber that do the job without adding unwanted ingredients.

Tip 3: start small

Set a small goal first and then increase it gradually. Start with adding half a cup for a few days and then move on to one extra cup. This gives your body time to adjust to the changes and more likely to stick with them in the long run.

For more guided information, make sure to book a free consultation call with me at Sutherland-Chan Broadview & Danforth Clinic.

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